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Belgian beers in Portugal ? Why Belgium beers ? After all, Belgium is just slightly bigger in size than Wales with a population no bigger than that of Cuba. And their beer? How good could it be? Have you seen what’s happening in America, Denmark, Germany and the UK? There’s not even that much of it. Belgian beers account for only 1% of all beer produced in the world. There are more breweries in the U.S. state of Oregon than there are in the whole of Belgium. And most of what they do make, they don’t even bother to drink themselves, exporting 60% of their beer to other countries. It’s not like they drink a lot of beer. They’re only 15th in Europe when it comes to beer consumption per capita.

So what’s the big deal? Why are Belgium beers so famous ?

Well, Belgium has the greatest diversity of original beer styles on the planet. Few would disagree that the country has an unrivalled brewing heritage which is deeply embedded across its towns and villages. And Belgium’s newer brewers are exploding onto the scene and showing off their talent by marrying innovation and respect for tradition.

The Belgian beer culture is since November 2016 recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

What makes the Belgian beer culture so unique? First of all it’s the respect for our ancient brewing traditions and typical Belgian beer styles such as lambic, oude gueuze, oude kriek, Flemish red ale, saison, white beer or amber ‘Spéciale Belge’.

Not forgetting our world famous abbey and Trappist beers. But it’s not only about the product. We are talking about a specific culture involving a large community. Look at the variety of beer glasses used in our cafés, brasseries and taverns. We will never drink a Trappist beer out of a lager glass if we can avoid it.

Drinking beer has to be a unique experience. We treat our beers with respect. Beer lovers meet in local and national beer clubs, attend the numerous beer festivals all over the country, visit beer tastings…

We Belgians love our beers well balanced. It takes much time and very specific know how to produce beers with a nice balance between the basic ingredients. Extreme beers can be very exciting but do we order a second glass…? Or do we continue with our favorite saison or tripel after trying that ‘interesting’ experiment; of course some do. Yes, our brewers do innovate, but our great tradition – beer culture – is always there. When you run a 200 year old brewery, why would you copy the latest international beer trend? It can inspire you but you make it your own, turn it into real added value for your brewery, yourself and your fans.

Our beer has its place at the finest tables and in the best cuisine. In Belgium you enjoy beer and food pairing at the highest level in gastronomy. Beer can be a nice fit with our chocolate, cheese, in and with classic stews etc.

There is a Belgian beer for every occasion, in winter or summer, with the barbecue or near the open fire, a thirst quencher or a grand cru’ revealing its full complexity after a while.

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