Fruit Beers

Fruit Beers

The most traditional fruit beer is, needless to say, a kriek beer, made with sour morello cherries. Formerly cherries were not only added to the beer to improve its aroma but also to encourage further fermentation. Krieken beer has all the characteristics of an oude geuze, complemented with a pleasantly fruity taste.

In the Brussels area this beer traditionally accompanies a sandwich of ‘plattekaas’ (cottage cheese) and radishes. Oude kriek is produced by steeping 100% oude lambiek in fresh fruit, at a proportion of 200g to 300g per litre. It will then be re-fermented in the bottle.

Over the past few decades consumers have developed sweeter tastes and brewers have cleverly taken advantage of this. Consequently the last few years have seen the introduction of quite a few sweet fruit beers.

These are usually pils beers or white beers with added fruit juice or syrup. Beer geeks are said to be unlikely to order a sweet fruit beer; but it is also said some brewers in fact hope to encourage women, who would otherwise have a glass of wine or cava, to drink them. Brewers also hope to steer the younger generation, who would otherwise maybe order a soft drink, cocktail or a sweet ‘apéritif’, into the direction of beer.

The traditional kriek as well as its sweet fruity brother are ideal beers to enjoy on a terrace, properly chilled, but they also go well with a tasty dessert and Belgian strong blue cheese.

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