Other special beers

Other special beers

In addition to these above mentioned beer styles we have in Belgium still some other less known specific beerstyles like , Amber ( Speciale Belge ), Oud Bruin ( brown beers ) Red beers, Saison and many other beers on offer that, at first sight, are hard to categorise as they do not fit within a particular style. For instance, the many regional brews, which cannot be labeled an abbey beer or

strong blond beer, but often are of excellent quality and also put in a stellar performance when it comes to aroma.

Moreover, most Belgian brewers will experiment with any ingredient that comes to hand, from chocolate to coffee or herbs, hops and spices such as ginger, saffron and pepper.

They are also looking for new and different ways of fermentation – getting to the heart of the beer – and so come up with surprising new beers and beer styles as the tripelgueuze for example. We can also spot a trend towards beers matured in oak barrels. The choice of barrel determines the aroma and taste of the beer to quite a large extent.

In this respect the brewers have a wide choice: new or recycled barrels previously used for storing port, sherry, wine, whisky or Cognac.

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