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Our Belgian Beers

We have ALL the best Belgian beers you can taste!
Here are the different types of beers we have available:

Trappist Beers

Trappist beers are beers brewed in monasteries by or under control of Trappist-Cistercian monks.

Abbey Beers

A ‘abdijbier’ is brewed by a lay brewery that has a contract with a still active abbey that used to brew beer.

Lambik beers

Called Gueuze (geuze) these beers are made on a lambic base, they are a return to the original taste of beer, with a pronounced aroma and taste.

Fruit Beers

With a pleasant fruity taste, this is a very different kind of beer specially enjoyed by younger generations and women.

Wheat Beer (Witbier/Blanche)

‘Witbier’ (wheat or white beer) is an unfiltered high or top fermented beer made with 30% unmalted wheat and herbs that has a pleasant and fresh aroma.

Strong Blond

With a high alcohol range, Strong Blond beers are actually very easy to drink and make a very good aperitif.


Considered an ‘international’ style by the Belgian Brewers. Pils is the most widely brewed beer in the world.

Other special beers

Amber ( Speciale Belge ), Oud Bruin ( brown beers ) Red beers, Saison and many other beers for all tastes and styles.

Beer Glasses

Every Belgium beer has it’s own different glass. You can find them all here!