Achel Blond


Achel blond

Achel Blond is a top fermentation beer, brewed at the in the Trappist Abbey of Sint-Benedictus in Achel. It has a hazy, golden color; a nice white head and a hoppy aroma with a little touch of caramel. It has a full and refined flavor, lightly hoppy with hints of fruit. This beer has alcohol content of 8.0%.

The Trappist Abbey of Achel, sometimes called “De Achelse Kluis”, is located in the middle of a forest, close to the Dutch border. With an annual production of 4,500 hectoliters it is the smallest and the youngest Trappist Brewery in Belgium. The brewing tradition in Achel dates back to 1852, but it was interrupted. It was only in 1998 that the monks decided to pick up the brewing again. With the help of the befriended Trappist abbey of Westmalle, the monks managed to create two wonderful beers. This Achel Blond and a dark beer called Achel Brown (or Achel Bruin in Flemish) with and alcohol content of 8.0%.


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