Chimay Triple / 33cl


Chimay Triple / 33cl

Chimay Triple is a top fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle. It is also known under the name “white Chimay”, which refers to the color of its label. It is a tripel ale with a nice golden color and a fine and foamy wihite head. It has a nice hoppy aroma and its flavor is a nice balance between sweet and bitter with some fruity hints of grape and apple. It has an alcohol content of 8.0%. 

Chimay Triple is brewed at the Trappist Abbey of Scourmont, in Chimay, where the monks’ brewing tradition goes as far back as 1862. The Triple is the youngest of Chimay’s Trappist beers, it was first brewed in 1986. This beer is also available in 75cl bottles, where it has the more impressive name Chimay Triple Cinq Cents.


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