Duvel is one of Belgium’s most renowned beers. This blond top fermentation beer is the flagship of Brewery Duvel-Moortgat. It was launched in its current form in 1970 and was one of the very first beers to be drunk from a tulip-shape glass. Duvel has a pale golden color and a nice, white head. It has a light and fruity aroma, a subtle dry and hoppy flavor. A real thirst-quencher with an alcohol content of 8.5%.

The brewing process of Duvel starts off with little more barley than for a regular pils beer, but by adding glucose before the main fermentation, this beer has the clarity of a pils beer, but a much stronger alcohol content. Duvel owes its unique character to the use of particular yeast strains, which were carefully selected in the 1970’s when the beer was launched. After the brewing process, the beer is filtered and another yeast strain gets added, together with some sugar, so that the beer can re-ferment in the bottle.


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