Leffe blond


Leffe blond

Leffe Blonde is a golden blond top fermentation beer. It is the most famous of all Leffe beers and probably even Belgium’s most famous abbey beer in general. It has a round and sweet flavor with some hints of fruit and a rather spicy aftertaste. It has an alcohol content of 6.6%.

Until the 1950’s, Leffe Blonde was brewed at the abbey of Leffe, close to the Wallonian town of Dinant. Later, the monks of the Leffe abbey signed what was probably the very first licensing agreement in beer history with Brewery Stella-Artois in Leuven. This allows the brewery to brew the abbey beer, while the abbey retains the rights to the logo and the name and it receives royalties for the use of it by the brewer.

Originally there were only three beers in the agreement, this blond beer as well as its brown counterpart Leffe Brune and the triple ale called Leffe Triple. Nowadays, there are no less than 10 Leffe beers on the market, amongst whom a winter beer and a spring beer. The name Leffe has become a synonym for Belgian beer in many parts of the world and Leffe Blonde is still its flagship beer.


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