Leffe Bruin


Leffe Bruin

Leffe Bruin (or Leffe Brown) is a top fermentation beer with a deep brown color. It has a round and well-balanced taste with hints of vanilla and clove, and the full aroma of caramel and toffee. It has an alcohol content of 6.5%.

This brown beer is Leffe’s oldest beer and is the result of centuries of brewing expertise. The legend goes that at the end of the Middle Ages, Europe was plagued by many epidemics, which were often caused by polluted water. One day the monks of the Abbey of Leffe wanted to find a solution that would benefit the health of the villagers who lived around the abbey as well as the many pilgrims who passed through the area. They came up with the idea of brewing a beer, so that people wouldn’t have to drink water any more, and this is how Leffe Brune was born. 

Centuries have passed, but Leffe Brown is still very popular. It is, however, no longer the only Leffe beer. In the last decade Leffe has launched many new beers. Leffe Nectar, a blonde beer with honey and Leffe Ruby, a wonderful refreshing red abbey beer are only two of those new beers.


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