Who are we

Who we are


Bacchus, Loja de cerveja Belga is a one person company.
I’m Rene Bemelmans out off Belgium! I live in Viseu .
I started this activity in April 2017 !

I migrated to Portugal because of love … .
The love for beer I had already for a long time. At my 20’s I already had opened a beer pub in Belgium.
After a career in recycling and re-using , I picked up my first love! Belgium Beers!
Portugal is a land with a great wine culture… and beer has for many years been seen as a drink that you just take for the thirst after a hot day…
But times are changing. More and more people in Portugal appreciate and enjoy a nice special beer…

With my company, Bacchus, loja de cerveja Belga I want to bring a piece of the famous Belgian beer culture to Portugal.
Of course I have to earn my living out of selling Belgian beers, but I really appreciate it highly if anyone, even though he bought only 1 bottle of Belgian beer, says:

“_What a wonderful beer this was…”

Have a nice visit to our website.
Hopefully you get somehow thirsty!
I hope to hear from you soon!