Considered an ‘international’ style by the Belgian Brewers. Pils is the most widely brewed beer in the world by quite some margin. Over 90% of global beer consumption is of this enduringly popular beer style. The word is derived from the Czech town of Plzen – or Pilsen – where

the first pils was brewed at the beginning of the 19th century.

Of course, the Czechs were already confirmed brewers, but the newly-discovered way to use malt, making the beer much clearer, was hugely appreciated by beer drinkers.

A traditional pils is brewed using the four basic beer ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast, although these days a number of breweries add other ingredients such as sugar, maize or barley.

Pils is a low or bottom fermented beer and to a large extent it is the yeast that determines the taste of the beer.To brew a good pils you need soft water. It goes without saying that only pale malts are used for pils. Filtering gives a crystal clear beer.

Originally you could discern a certain bitterness in the taste of pils. In an era that has seen general tastes evolve towards sweeter flavours, the large breweries have adjusted the aroma of their pils to respond to this trend.

Pils is now primarily a thirst quenching beer but it also makes an ideal aperitif, especially if you manage to find a slightly bitter variety. Pils needs to taste pure, with a dry aftertaste that neutralizes quickly. The alcohol percentage fluctuates around the 5% mark.

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