Strong Beer

Strong Beer

A separate Belgian beer variety is represented by the strong blond beers. Thanks to the use of a very pale malt these are often even clearer and purer than a pils but don’t be fooled: they are far more complex.

Typical varieties of hops are used during brewing and all strong blond beers have a bitterness in common. This is what gives them their complexity and accounts for their popularity. All blond beers will rank highly on the alcohol content ladder but are nevertheless easily drinkable.

They have everything needed to make the perfect aperitif but some may fear that their high alcohol content makes them maybe less suitable for drinking at the start of a meal. Initially Belgian brewers were waging war against imported pils beers by producing light, amber-coloured beers, but they were unable to prevent pils gaining ground.

After the Second World War an increasing number of brewers introduced strong, blond, high fermentation beers. Inspiration was often found in the Westmalle Tripel, a heavy blond from the 1930s. These strong blond beers never reached the popularity levels enjoyed by pils but are nevertheless appreciated by a great and growing number of beer lovers and so soon conquered the Belgian as well as the international market.

Nowadays, almost every brewer will include a top fermentation strong blond beer in his range. Generally speaking these strong blond beers are easily drinkable.

The slightly malty taste is overshadowed by that of hops and yeast. This yeast will often lend a fruity bouquet to these Belgian strong blond beers. With the recent trend towards increasingly hoppy flavours, the market has seen the introduction of very strongly hopped and extremely aromatic blond beers under the name of IPA (India Pale Ale).

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