Tamera Tripel 33cl / 9% ( Enigma brewery )


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Tamera was the first beer on the market off Enigma brewery. It’s a beer with a very pleasant exotic, fruity aroma which originates from the use of Citra hops. Its flavor is enhanced by the use of Candy sugar and special malts. The recipe for Tamera was finetuned over many years: more than 20 test brews were made to find the right combination of yeast and hops for optimal flavor and taste. Inspiration for the name comes from the name of the Belgian river ‘Demer’, thought to be derived from the Celtic ‘Tamera’ or ‘Tamara’, which means ‘Black River’.
Technical info:
Alc: 9%
IBU: 28

Informação adicional

Peso 650 g


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